Bethesda Needs a W Residence and Hotel

The Rise of Hotel / Condo Bethesda Lifestyle? Well not in reality…yet.  And yes, with so man Bethesda condos in the pipeline, do we need…can we absorb another? — that always always depends on timing and location.  A boutique hotel with a few residential condo units would be a perfect match for Downtown Bethesda.  Whatever, […]

What if Bethesda Were on A Beach?

How would you like it if Downtown Bethesda were on a beach?  Bethesda Magazine posed this question in a humorous and brilliant series of pictures depicting “in a perfect world”.  This was one of the coolest and most fun pieces I’ve seen in quite some time.  I wish I had the link to my favorite picture, but […]

First Time Homebuyers Credit – The Sequel

And when’s the last time you saw a sequel better than the original?  Well, if the New York Time’s has its facts straight, many more homebuyers’ may be enjoying this second iteration of the Homebuyers’ Tax Credit. There was a tentative deal a couple days ago, as reported by Jolenta Averill, a prominent Madison, WI […]