3 Most Expensive Homes in Bethesda

Back by popular demand, top Greater Bethesda property lists. This week, just a quick glance at the top 3 most expensive homes for sale in Bethesda. Please note, that GreaterBethesdaOnline has no integrated property search…yet ­čÖé What this means? Basically, the list below will link to our “big brother” full featured website, KoitzGroup.com. So for […]

Bethesda Real Estate Map – 20814

New Code Test – Bethesda 20814 Real Estate Map Should Render Simply Press the link “Bethesda Real Estate Estate Map 20814” and Map results will Render (hopefully!). [idx-listings zip=”20814″ minprice=”1000000″ propertytypes=”134,571,136,133,138″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”30″]

Greater Bethesda Online Gets Help From iPhone App Developer

GreaterBethesdaOnline, Iphone App Developer-webmaster, & actually some Real Estate Many of you know Greater Bethesda Online, this two year old web space devoted to primarily real estate, almost was hacked and it wasn’t by all those charming people defending wikileaks. ┬áThe culprit? ┬áMe…yep, you heard me correctly. ┬áI tried to perform some programming over my […]

Lionsgate Condo in Bethesda Goes Large!

Update: ┬áSunday/July19th, 2015 A couple days┬áSeveral years ago, I wrote in KoitzGroup.com blog ┬áabout The Lionsgate in downtown Bethesda. ┬áServing as “breaking news” and potential opportunity, I updated how the then brand new residence had Nearly sold out. ┬áHaving re-read, my feeling remain the same. ┬áThe large 3 bedroom+, 2+ baths condos in Bethesda are […]