Bethesda Lane, Avenue & Row – Lingo

This is the first installment of “Nuances of Downtown Bethesda you can’t live without series”:  It may also may be the last installment 🙂  Novelty series conceived, then acted upon?  Those have a shot depending on topic and delivery.  I’m practicing the improvisational route.  Much higher failure rate 🙂

In all seriousness, I’m testing a maps “code” feature meant for   But if below catches on – regardless of if it catches on,  a follow up is in “draft” – The working title “Clarifying the Edgemoors’ Many Distinctions”.

Bethesda Condos That Vanished or Frightened

Bethesda Condos That Vanished

The Trillium, Bethesda – yes, still technically new rental apartments but not the same :-).Spooky Photo of Edgemoor

If you had been to the Condominium grand opening – this fully catered, sample model extravaganza with spotlights illuminated the close-in Bethesda skyline, simulated 3D simulations of the finished product — you would’ve thought you were at a Hollywood movie premier.  Soon after we realized we had seen the premier of “Water World”. 

Land purchased at “exuberant price” + Too Big To Fail = scary 🙂 

And though I’m never one to declare that I “knew it” – I wanted to share in past Halloween themed posts.  One of my 2009 pieces titled Haunted Houses of Maryland & The Trillium Bethesda  may have included my skepticism below.

I’ve seen advertisements in The Post, The Washingtonian, The Bethesda Magazine to name just a few — I’ve witnessed the bulldozers level the Old Clarion hotel to prepare for this 173 unit edifice of opulence.  I’ve even seen a model unit set fabricated in The Old Clarion for an electric opening night.  But as time has passes, I start to wonder whether the ghosts of “Economy’s crash” created these illusions in my mind.

In all seriousness, I kindly ask construction to commence because in my humble opinion, The Trillium should be an extraordinary addition to close-in Bethesda development…

The Scariest Proposed Bethesda Condo development Plan?

Any guesses?…one hint for you.  Location, Location, The absolute Worst Possible location for this “Brand”…

In the spirit of Halloween, I’ll leave this one a mystery, though I invite you to guess.  I’ll follow up in the next week.

Until then, more than anything, I wish you and yours a safe Halloween…

The Lauren & The W Residences

If you’ve walked around downtown Bethesda, you’ve the seen the sign. The one that says “Starting in The Multi-Millions” 🙂  Despite the delays (a story for another day!), and despite what I find “amusing” about the sign, the final plans for These Residences was a bold statement.  And when they sell, an even more prnounced message.   If you build “it”, they will come.

The Lauren Residence’s “It” Factor

These are the products developers forgot to build.  The large 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, other developers didn’t have the courage or “market research” to build. Bravo 1877 Holdings and company.  And you’re welcome… 🙂

The large 3 bedroom Condos + Bethesda = Sales

Aside from the smaller 2 bedrooms, The Lauren will sell in a flash.  Gretchen Koitz (Mom) and I saw the growing demand for large 3 bedroom Condos in the Greater Bethesda area — reach a fever pitch.  I’m not saying we were ahead of our time, well yes I am 🙂  

So you’re welcome 1877 Holdings….you did Quarry Spring all on your own.  But the next time you have a project concept, I’m open for counsel 🙂

In all seriousness, it took a coalition with visions and some courage to build a product that was clearly in demand.  And to all 3 of you who follow this blog, many thanks, and continue to hold me to my predictions.  I like to be help accountable.

So why does Greater Bethesda Needs a Condo Residence?  Feel free to read more about how I resided on the  issue.

why Bethesda Needs a W Hotel Condo Residence – November 14, 2009

Every area has slightly different housing needs — and if there’s one type of property the Greater Bethesda area is begging for, it’s the 2000 sq. ft.+ luxury condo. In this particular case, I picture a Boutique W,  with approximately 40 hotels rooms and 30 residences…all 2000-5000+ square foot units (the residences, that is). The upscale Hotel / Residence is the epitome of the “lock and leave” convenience, with the “resort style” living many are asking for.

More to come on The Residences Lauren and other new developments (that do it right!) – just wanted to set the record straight.  Hope everyone had great weekends!