Bethesda Lane, Avenue & Row – Lingo

This is the first installment of “Nuances of Downtown Bethesda you can’t live without series”: ┬áIt may also may be the last installment ­čÖé ┬áNovelty series┬áconceived, then acted upon? ┬áThose have a shot depending on topic and delivery. ┬áI’m practicing the improvisational route. ┬áMuch higher failure rate ­čÖé In all seriousness, I’m testing a maps […]

Bethesda Condos That Vanished or Frightened

Bethesda Condos That Vanished The Trillium, Bethesda – yes, still technically new rental apartments but not the same :-). If you had been to the Condominium grand opening – this fully catered, sample model extravaganza with spotlights illuminated the close-in Bethesda skyline, simulated 3D simulations of the finished product — you would’ve thought you were […]