DC Real Estate is “Healthiest Markets” In 2011: Why It Doesn’t Matter?

Washington DC Is On a Real Role? Or just “media smoke and mirrors”… Hot off the presses, a Forbes Article declared Washington DC the “US city to see the most appreciation in 2011”. From the recent S&P Case/Schiller index, to DC’s recent International real estate investment attraction , it’s been a great week for DC […]

5 Popular Trends in Luxury Housing

How do you describe a luxury home and the features that define it in markets across the country? Since identifying national trends has to be a collaborative effort, I was lucky enough to share a few moments with my friend and colleague, Jolenta Averill, owner of Lake & City Homes Realty, a Madison, Wisconsin boutique […]

Bethesda Byes – Denver, Gulf Shores, & Sacramento Hellos

Yep, after two weeks of polishing up some marketing “stuff”, visiting friends, and knocking the soccer ball around, I will be leaving Bethesda Maryland & headed back out to the San Francisco. You can’t help but be a little more relaxed out there…and for that reason, along with the some amazing friends, I’m excited to […]