In Which County is Bethesda Located

A question I receive quite often from those moving on in! It’s great question, one which speaks to the popularity of Bethesda.  It’s as if Bethesda defines the county…or perhaps more accurately said, is better known than the County… Answer: Montgomery County, Maryland…one grandiose “area” that desserve a little more information. Montgomery County Is… “Moco”: […]

Downtown Bethesda’s Next Boutique Development

Downtown Bethesda’s Next Boutique Development? Some potentially exciting news for those of you looking for the rare Downtown Bethesda townhome.  With only 58 total in the downtown Bethesda core (between the Villages of Bethesda and The City Homes of Edgemoor), it would be refreshing to see a few new, “lower density” products out there. And […]