Multi-Million Dollar Bethesda Modular Homes

In some of the most prestigious and exclusive neighborhoods in the Greater Bethesda area, Mansions are “coming in a box”. The thought leaders behind this ever growing trend of Greater Bethesda luxury modules is Spring Builders — one of the DC Metro’s most highly regarded custom build and remodeling firms. The video below, (courtesy of Sandy Spring via The washington Post) is a time elapsed video of one of their creations in Northwest Washington DC — just a few days after some relatively heavy snowfall last winter.

I’ll add videos, pictures, and commentary on more of the finished Multi Million custom modular products (they don’t dissapoint!). It’s especially remarkable to see them going up in Edgemoor (near Downtown Bethesda), where you’d be hard pressed to find a lot (or tear-down) for less than $1.3M. Enjoy the video and stand by for more on Sandy Spring’s innovative approach to Bethesda & DC luxury builds. Please note, since “The Post” needs to “pay their bills” there’s a 15 second commercial before the good stuff. And just a a kind warning, there’s some “noise”…so if ou’re at work, you may want to mind the volume 🙂 For what it’s worth I tried to get rid of it through nifty programming. 🙂