Lionsgate Bethesda’s Mistakes – What can We Learn?

A longtime Downtown Bethesda resident, I’ve had mixed feelings about The Lionsgate Condominiums at Old Georgetown and Woodmont. It never had “room to breathe” for one thing.  Its tight proximity to commercial/residential buildings on one side and a garage on the other made the The Lionsgate “less urban village”, and more a towering mediocrity. – […]

Lionsgate Condos Bethesda

Lionsgate Condos in Bethesda I love Downtown Bethesda and was excited about these condos for quite some time.  The developement has all the ammenities:24-hour front desk, a fully equipped fitness center, an executive center and a rooftop terrace.  But in my humble opinion, many of the units are location challenged (that is, some face a […]


I didn’t quite get that right did I?….or did I? I think I nailed it in my humble opinion… I remember when “location within a location” became relevant again. I can even remember the first time I said it. I was showing several high end Bethesda condos in the same development a couple years ago. […]