Architecturally Distinct Bethesda Luxury Homes

Hello and welcome to “The” LuxuryBethesdaRealEstate Blog (formerly Because the site is in the middle of renovations, we wanted to present some polished pieces of eye-candy you can own. It’s great to be back and I can’t wait to show you some of the tools we’ve developed to make your life lovely!

Bethesda’s Most Unique Homes For Sale!

1.  Wissioming Ct, Bethesda, MD 20816 – True Bob Gurney Modern…

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”mc7734183″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

That note above is correct, just needed to change of MLS numbers!

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC8054439″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

2. Just Renderings — but the last time I heard, these could possibly be residential dwellings…

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC7813586″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

3. The Somerset House (Building 3 – Park Somerset)…unparalleled views service, and amenities.  Its “the Ritz of Chevy Chase” (some would argue “better”)

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC7954558″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

speaking of….just one in DC!

4. 3150 South St – Penthouse in the 28 Unit Ritz Residences (Georgetown):  Okay, I “cheated” but This Penthouse in the Ritz (Georgetown location) is one of the most extraordinary units in arguably the finest condo development in the DC Metro area.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”DC7931190″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

 Enjoy the rest of your weekends and stay tuned for uniquely extraordinary search tools!  

A Tech Savvy Realtor® Has the Edge

As a Calgary real estate professional I understand the benefits of hiring an agent with a tech savvy edge when buying or selling a home in today’s very competitive real estate market. Both a buyer and seller can benefit immensely by using a Realtor® who understands the complexities of web-based tools, culture, and how to leverage them.

Communication, for example – the best agents, of course, will be in touch face to face or on the phone — but for those who need/want a quick logistical response, a tech savant will no doubt be fast to respond to email, text messages and social media.  For clarity, I’m working on the presumption that you’ve found an agent who will get back to you in a timely manner regardless of medium…but the biggest bang for your buck will come from a professional who also has the technological know-how to communicate with clients who share this expertise.

For contracts and offers? This new breed of agent will harness technology to expedite delivery of an offer to the listing agent or his/her clients.

For Marketing your home? When selling a home it is imperative to use an agent with the online prowess to reach the maximum potential buyer pool.  The tech savvy agent can reach a broader audience through an Internet presence, and by strategically utilizing You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn … and among many others.  This process of creating a “workflow like social media marketing program” is appropriately named Social Media Optimization.

You may have read that 90% of buyers are finding their new home on the Internet.  Given this increasingy growing pradigm shift, it’s imperative to find an agent who can leverage the internet to develop online strategies.  The best “online agents” understand this importance of proper presentation when marketing a home and will optimize this presentation to reach the largest audience possible.

Let’s take a step back and remember that photos are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.  This is where the best online real estate marketers/agents shine. Through use of premier third party virtual tour companies and using their knowledge of photo editing programs, creation of the most visually engaging images will be par for the course.

The best online marketing agents will have access to the latest listings and will email them to you as they come onto the market.  You will never miss out on any listing that matters to you.

Aside from knowing the market and its inventory, the most Tech savvy Realtors® will also have a a heads up on industry changes — harnessing traditional media and using local trending technology on social networks like Twitter, and Facebook.

In the end, when working with this new breed of real estate professional, it’s certainly important to make sure that they have extensive knowledge about both the local market and about the contract language.  If you’re impressed with their breadth of knowledge, as a buyer or seller, you will unequivocally benefit from the tools the real estate web savant brings to the table.

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extraordinary luxury bethesda homes

The Luxury’ist Single Family Homes in Bethesda this week!

What’s your style of luxury home?  Many who have taken a peak at this blog know I love the currently available Robert Gurney Modern on 24 Wissioming Court in Glen Echo Heights.  The Potomac River Views in Bethesda would be enough for me.  But the infinity pool doesn’t hurt!

But what about you? This list is in order of most recent estates in Bethesda on the market.  But for those who’d like to sort the Bethesda Luxury’ist list by price, lot size, largest price reduction and more, There’s a blue link below that gives you access to all properties currently for sale over $3,000,000 where the sorting power is in your hands.  Please enjoy the new list and please continue to request different Bethesda-centric luxury lists.  For those of you in seeking luxury property in Washington DC, we do those too!  Great days to all…

So what kind of luxury home are you?  If you could write your own ticket, which of these would be your first choice and why?

[idx-listings city=”Bethesda” minprice=”3000000″ maxprice=”10000000″ propertytypes=”132″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”5″]

Greater Bethesda Is Real Estate Rebound town USA?

Bethesda Real Estate Rebound Town USA?

This will come to no surprise to those of us who live in or around Bethesda, but in cased you missed it, Forbes published the results from a recent “Local Market Monitor (aka LMM), (just another real estate research firm who Forbes put to the task). Some of the other notables included San Diego, Washington DC, San Jose, Austin.

Bethesda Is A County & Another Town?…

Edgemoor, Bethesda Home
A Bethesda home in The Prestigious Edgemoor Neighborhood

…According to LMM, yes we are…I’ll explain, but at its core:  “number crunchers + “talking heads” – “knowledge of area”  =  gross inaccuracies.

I’m just not a fan of news pretending to be news.  Is there value (and some accuracy) with some areas on this list?  I think so.  I know many Austin agents who are seeing uptick and the current median price seems on track.  But the Greater Bethesda area and Washington DC is more difficult to “define”.

As I started reviewing metrics used to determine Bethesda a “real estate rebound capitols” (I thought we were already doing okay by the way!), I noticed some “issues” off the bat.

Let’s review…

“500,000 residents or more”:

Ermmm, Bethesda may be inching towards 60,000, but I live here and I’d be pretty sure if we had another 400,000+ residents.

“…unemployment and job growth rates, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

…And That’s Where Bethesda Became GREATER…Way Too GREATER

I found aforementioned Bureau of Labor Statistics data and think I found where Forbes/LMM Started to fail Bethesda…Miserably

Per Bureau of Labor Statistics January 4th 2011 release…

“The largest over-the-year percentage increases in employment among the metropolitan divisions were posted in Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, Md. (+2.1 percent)”

And this is where it appears “Bethesda was also another City/Town (Rockville) and another County (Frederick)!” This would explain our “population influx” and a reported “Bethesda Median Home Price” of $384,775.

I’m going to save the research for market reports — but for those of you who live out of the area, approximate median home values in Bethesda is  over $700,000.

Combining two “towns” and one County to define Bethesda..Really? 🙂 — I’m truly smiling as I write this…especially at the thought of exactly how much Forbes paid “The” Local Market Monitor.

Just a kind reminder that even The Forbes’ of the world can be ohhh so far off — (I’d actually call it irresponsibly inaccurate). — so trust the Micro-Markets and local analysis. The rest is just fluff.