First Time Homebuyers Credit – The Sequel

And when’s the last time you saw a sequel better than the original?  Well, if the New York Time’s has its facts straight, many more homebuyers’ may be enjoying this second iteration of the Homebuyers’ Tax Credit. There was a tentative deal a couple days ago, as reported by Jolenta Averill, a prominent Madison, WI […]

Haunted Houses of Maryland & The Trillium Bethesda

Haunted Houses of Maryland, from Potomac to Annapolis, to Baltimore, and…The Trillium Bethesda Condos? In a region so filled with history, it should hardly come as a surprise that Maryland is also home to many haunted houses and other structures. From the ghostly principal who roams the halls of George Fox Middle School in Anne […]

11 Most Expensive Bethesda Property Listings in Bethesda

According To My Bethesda Property Listing Sitemap Results… The 11 Most Expensive Bethesda Property Listings Currently For Sale Thanks for indulging me as I test my XML feed from my website. I spend a lot of time de-bugging programing errors like: correcting mislabeling of property addresses in this “MRIS IDX Property Feed”. Yes, programmers have […]