Slim Picken in Downtown Bethesda

"Iconic" Edgemoor Condo

Living in Downtown Bethesda was living in a “sleepy” enclave 15 years ago…

City Homes of Edgemoor Townhomes - 1997...the beginning of the downtown Bethesda Renaissance
The City Homes of Edgemoor Townhomes – the first “delivered” New Development in Downtown Bethesda.

Timeline, commentary of the good and the greed of the “Mini New York” on the way…

But to give you a sense of Where we are now:

This is the yet to be constructed Lauren Residences, one a a half dozen new condo develoments to deliver in 2015. I’ll continue to add on to this “history piece” and invide anyone to share pictures, thoughts. Thank you!

Gallery B in Bethesda Opens a New Exhibit

Downtown Bethesda at Night
Bethesda Lights Up at Night!

Gallery B in Bethesda is a non-profit arts venue managed by The Bethesda Arts & Entertainment District and Bethesda Urban Partnership for the purpose of providing maximum exposure to art-enthusiasts for painters, photographers, sculptors and other arts professionals.  Their next exhibit, which begins December 8 and runs through January 8, 2012, features a group exhibition with works by Anne Bouhour, Constance Chabrieres, Nathalie Pouliquen and Brigitte Zelenko.  In addition to this month-long exhibit, a special opening reception is planned for Friday, December 9, 2011 from 6-9 p.m.

Gallery B is located at 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite E, Bethesda, MD 20814.

Speaking of art, don’t forget that the monthly Bethesda Art Walk occurs on the 2nd Friday of every month from 6-9 p.m.

Check Bethesda Urban Partnership website for more details  –  Want to explore more about Downtown Bethesda?  Visit our sister website and check out our new Downtown Bethesda video.

Haunted Houses of Maryland & The Trillium Bethesda

Haunted Houses of Maryland, from Potomac to Annapolis, to Baltimore, and…The Trillium Bethesda Condos?

In a region so filled with history, it should hardly come as a surprise that Maryland is also home to many haunted houses and other structures. From the ghostly principal who roams the halls of George Fox Middle School in Anne Arundel County to unexplainable happenings and ghostly apparitions at the Middleton Tavern in Annapolis, to phantom luxury Bethesda Condos in the Downtown Bethesda area, there are literally dozens of haunted properties throughout the state. Here is a look at just a few of Maryland’s famous hauntings.

The Haunted Marwood Mansion in Potomac Maryland

Since the early 1920s, there have been several sightings of an old man standing in the middle of the Potomac River, but it is the Marwood Mansion that is the creepiest Potomac, Maryland home. Here, there have been numerous reports of strange things happening, such as the toilet flushing on its own, the bathroom window being raised and steam mysteriously emitting from the bathtub. Strange sounds are regularly heard coming from the basement, which cannot be used because every time something is stored in the basement it is ruined the next morning. There are also reports of the cracks in the marble disappearing and then reappearing and a ghostly butler has been spotted walking throughout the property.

Haunted Houses in Potomac?
Haunted Houses in Potomac? 

Baltimore’s Many Hauntings

Baltimore is home to more than two dozen different haunted sites. Todd’s far, which dates back to the early 1800s, is haunted by a woman who sits at the attic window with a candle as she waits for her soldier to return from the war. Slaves can also be seen hanging from the trees late at night and the lights in the home are said to turn on when an intruder enters, despite the fact that there is no electricity in the home.

The Haunted Catonsville Mansion

An old abandoned mansion is said to be found on Asylum Road in Catonsville. Although the mansion is closed to the public, there have been many reports of mysterious banging sounds, tapping noises and whispers coming from the inside. Many have also reporting seeing people walking on the property, but the people disappear when they are approached.

The Trillium, Bethesda – A Ghost Bethesda Luxury condo development

I’ve seen advertisements in The Post, The Washingtonian, The Bethesda Magazine to name just a few — I’ve witnessed the bulldozers level the Old Clarion hotel to prepare for this 173 unit edifice of opulence.  I’ve even seen a model unit set fabricated in The Old Clarion for an electric opening night.  But as time has passes, I start to wonder whether the ghosts of “Economy’s crash” created these illusions in my mind.

In all seriousness, I kindly ask construction to commence because in my humble opinion, The Trillium should be an extraordinary addition to close-in Bethesda development.  But more thoughts are for later.  For now, I wish The Trillium and all of Greater Bethesda area safe and happy Halloween….

Bethesda Byes – Denver, Gulf Shores, & Sacramento Hellos

Yep, after two weeks of polishing up some marketing “stuff”, visiting friends, and knocking the soccer ball around, I will be leaving Bethesda Maryland & headed back out to the San Francisco. You can’t help but be a little more relaxed out there…and for that reason, along with the some amazing friends, I’m excited to return. Same job, different location…

From Bethesda Byes, SF Hellos -
I love Bethesda but these views are hard to find.

This picture was taken from one of my best friends parents house in Belvedere Island in Marin County, a  “suburb” of San Francisco – it’s the Bethesda of Washington DC…that’s the best local analogy I can come up with but there truly are none!  It’s hard to replicate an area like Belvedere.  Yes, great friends and great views make a great life.

Besides seeing my college friends again, I also welcome a visit from a good friend I made through marketing conferences.  Few would argue that he is one of the finest SEOs in the world (yep, seriously the world). He decided to cut his client list dramatically and start leveraging his abilities to to start search engine marketing for Denver real estate. Long story short is you’ll soon be seeing him on the top of Google’s list for that term and others. And that translates well in real estate if you’re also great with people.

And then there’s another good friend just a short car ride away, Carolyn Gjerde-Tu — a Davis & Greater Sacramento real estate agent,  with who has earned the title of webmaster.  She continues to help me in my real with my real estate marketing endeavors and has fun doing it.  I look forward to many future marathon brainstorming “power lunches” with her : – )

My Visit Ends And Hoping Other’s Begin

And there are more so many more like-minded friends who I hope will drop in from time to time  for a guest post here.  From a brilliant Gulf Shores real estate agent, Cal Carter to a West coast neighbor like Carolyn, it would be fun for everyone to get a glimpse of their magic…

It’s just 9:20 PM on the on the west coast but I have a few more days in Bethesda.  So “good night, Bethesda”, “Good nigh San Francisco”, “Good night Belvedere”, “Good night to Realtors (the good ones)”, “Good night, Davis”, “Good Night, Denver”, “Good night, Gulf Shores”…and “Good night good friends”…