Woodley Park’s Newest Breed of Wardmans

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
2818 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC 20008

Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominiums
The Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominimums - 2818 Connecticut Ave., NW

This boutique condo has emerged and has had healthy sales in the highly desirable Woodley Park neighborhood.  The Woodley Wardman Condominium‘s 7-story “tower” is being transformed into four luxurious townhomes (condo flats).  The end result will be a total of 39 units, with almost as many different floor plans, from studios to three bedroom, three bath residences.  An eco-efficiency design includes natural gas appliances  and heating systems, energy star appliances, energy efficient windows, recycled core materials in doors and more.

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A two block walk gets you to the Woodley Park Metro, and you are only a 10 minute walk to Adams-Morgan.  Also close by are the vibrant neighborhoods of Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park where you’ll find a host of great restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, banks, fitness studios, a library and post office and the Uptown Theatre.

With the National Zoo and Rock Creek Parkway a stone’s throw from the Woodley Wardman, there is plenty of leisure activities to accommodate the outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Bedroom
Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Living Area w/ Maple Hardwood Floors
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen

More Information?  Contact us, we’re always happy to help!  We also invite you you to visit our NW DC Luxury condo guide to view sample floor Woodley Wardan floor plan.

Here is a google map of where you can find The Woodley Wardman condominiums (2818 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC 20008).

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Haunted Houses of Maryland & The Trillium Bethesda

Haunted Houses of Maryland, from Potomac to Annapolis, to Baltimore, and…The Trillium Bethesda Condos?

In a region so filled with history, it should hardly come as a surprise that Maryland is also home to many haunted houses and other structures. From the ghostly principal who roams the halls of George Fox Middle School in Anne Arundel County to unexplainable happenings and ghostly apparitions at the Middleton Tavern in Annapolis, to phantom luxury Bethesda Condos in the Downtown Bethesda area, there are literally dozens of haunted properties throughout the state. Here is a look at just a few of Maryland’s famous hauntings.

The Haunted Marwood Mansion in Potomac Maryland

Since the early 1920s, there have been several sightings of an old man standing in the middle of the Potomac River, but it is the Marwood Mansion that is the creepiest Potomac, Maryland home. Here, there have been numerous reports of strange things happening, such as the toilet flushing on its own, the bathroom window being raised and steam mysteriously emitting from the bathtub. Strange sounds are regularly heard coming from the basement, which cannot be used because every time something is stored in the basement it is ruined the next morning. There are also reports of the cracks in the marble disappearing and then reappearing and a ghostly butler has been spotted walking throughout the property.

Haunted Houses in Potomac?
Haunted Houses in Potomac? 

Baltimore’s Many Hauntings

Baltimore is home to more than two dozen different haunted sites. Todd’s far, which dates back to the early 1800s, is haunted by a woman who sits at the attic window with a candle as she waits for her soldier to return from the war. Slaves can also be seen hanging from the trees late at night and the lights in the home are said to turn on when an intruder enters, despite the fact that there is no electricity in the home.

The Haunted Catonsville Mansion

An old abandoned mansion is said to be found on Asylum Road in Catonsville. Although the mansion is closed to the public, there have been many reports of mysterious banging sounds, tapping noises and whispers coming from the inside. Many have also reporting seeing people walking on the property, but the people disappear when they are approached.

The Trillium, Bethesda – A Ghost Bethesda Luxury condo development

I’ve seen advertisements in The Post, The Washingtonian, The Bethesda Magazine to name just a few — I’ve witnessed the bulldozers level the Old Clarion hotel to prepare for this 173 unit edifice of opulence.  I’ve even seen a model unit set fabricated in The Old Clarion for an electric opening night.  But as time has passes, I start to wonder whether the ghosts of “Economy’s crash” created these illusions in my mind.

In all seriousness, I kindly ask construction to commence because in my humble opinion, The Trillium should be an extraordinary addition to close-in Bethesda development.  But more thoughts are for later.  For now, I wish The Trillium and all of Greater Bethesda area safe and happy Halloween….

DC City Council Passes New Co-op Taxation Regulations (well, almost)**

**see DC Coops update below…

If you live in DC and believe in stimulating an especially satiated sector of the Washington DC real estate market, you now have the right to be slightly embittered. The DC City Council has passed a new co-op transfer tax that is set to go into effect on October 1 of this year. For a little background – ownership rights of condos and coops, although seemingly identical, do differ. When “buying” a unit in a coop, you are actually “buying stock” in the building. Sounds a little scary and that’s what keeps/kept many buyers away from coops. But the “stock” is “ownership interest” in your unit. Again, very similar to condo living and rights…but there were definitely some financial advantages when it came to purchasing.

Because you were purchasing “ownership interest” (hence treated like “stock”), your purchase was classified as personal property ownership. Benefits? Because the transaction was not defined as a transfer of real estate, the parties were exempt from having to pay transfer or recordation taxes that are standard with the purchase or sale of condos, townhomes, rowhouses, single family homes, etc.

Under this new tax, however, a coop has an “economic interest” tax (you got me!?), requires the standard transfer tax imposed on “ownership interests in real estate” – that is a 1.1% tax on residential properties sales that are less than $400,000, while sales of more than $400,000 will be taxed at a 1.45% rate. The recordation fee is the same amount and will also apply to all coop transactions.

Is This Stimulous?
One has to wonder about the timeliness of such a tax . Could this be penny wise and pound foolish ? After all, the economy is still struggling to get moving and the real estate market is still sluggish. With its “forgiving” taxation regulations on co-ops, DC was able to draw in buyers who were interested in taking advantage of keeping their costs down. With the changes that are set to take place in October, however, buyers might not consider a co-op transaction in DC to be such a good deal anymore.

I have a wild idea, instead of cutting incentives that could greatly help lower both DC condos and co-op absortion rate, couldn’t we increase taxes cigarettes. Maybe give a few more tickets out to DC cab drivers who I think sometimes try to drive you off the road on purpose.

Of course, one could argue that the buyer of a DC co-op may not be deterred by this additional tax. On a $400,000 purchase, for example, the taxes would be $5,800 at the 1.45% rate. A savvy seller, however, would be wise to drop the price to $399,999, as this price would qualify for the 1.1% tax and would cost about $4,400. Dropping the price by one dollar is certainly worth a $1,400 tax savings! Therefore, once the new tax system is put in place, sellers and real estate agents should be sure to consider the value of the property and the resulting taxes when trying to determine the asking price as well as the price they are willing to negotiate down to.

**(Note: As of the time of this blog submission, the new tax was not totally a sure thing. Although it is in a budget bill passed by the DC Council, the total budget has not yet been approved…So, we’re in a “wait and see” mode on this one. The fact that this proposal has gotten this far, however, would certainly suggest that we can look forward to coops being taxed like other residential properties …. sooner or later..

Reports of a New Record Sales Price for a Georgetown Condo: Micro-Market at Its Best or a Sign of an Improving Market?

A few weeks ago, the good people at Urban Turf headlined the recent sale of a Penthouse at the Georgetown / West End area Ritz Carlton. According to their information, this property sold for a record $7.295 million.

We know that large condos are still a highly desirable commodity and we are continuing to see fairly quick sales on the best of these. But this record price is, indeed, very good news for the local real estate market.