A Tech Savvy Realtor® Has the Edge

As a Calgary real estate professional I understand the benefits of hiring an agent with a tech savvy edge when buying or selling a home in today’s very competitive real estate market. Both a buyer and seller can benefit immensely by using a Realtor® who understands the complexities of web-based tools, culture, and how to leverage them.

Communication, for example – the best agents, of course, will be in touch face to face or on the phone — but for those who need/want a quick logistical response, a tech savant will no doubt be fast to respond to email, text messages and social media.  For clarity, I’m working on the presumption that you’ve found an agent who will get back to you in a timely manner regardless of medium…but the biggest bang for your buck will come from a professional who also has the technological know-how to communicate with clients who share this expertise.

For contracts and offers? This new breed of agent will harness technology to expedite delivery of an offer to the listing agent or his/her clients.

For Marketing your home? When selling a home it is imperative to use an agent with the online prowess to reach the maximum potential buyer pool.  The tech savvy agent can reach a broader audience through an Internet presence, and by strategically utilizing You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn … and among many others.  This process of creating a “workflow like social media marketing program” is appropriately named Social Media Optimization.

You may have read that 90% of buyers are finding their new home on the Internet.  Given this increasingy growing pradigm shift, it’s imperative to find an agent who can leverage the internet to develop online strategies.  The best “online agents” understand this importance of proper presentation when marketing a home and will optimize this presentation to reach the largest audience possible.

Let’s take a step back and remember that photos are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.  This is where the best online real estate marketers/agents shine. Through use of premier third party virtual tour companies and using their knowledge of photo editing programs, creation of the most visually engaging images will be par for the course.

The best online marketing agents will have access to the latest listings and will email them to you as they come onto the market.  You will never miss out on any listing that matters to you.

Aside from knowing the market and its inventory, the most Tech savvy Realtors® will also have a a heads up on industry changes — harnessing traditional media and using local trending technology on social networks like Twitter, and Facebook.

In the end, when working with this new breed of real estate professional, it’s certainly important to make sure that they have extensive knowledge about both the local market and about the contract language.  If you’re impressed with their breadth of knowledge, as a buyer or seller, you will unequivocally benefit from the tools the real estate web savant brings to the table.

Crystal Tost, an award winning Calgary Realtor uses a “hands on, tech-centric” approach to provide her buyer and sellers unriveled access and maketing tools.  Visit her today at www.CalgaryListings.com

Why Your Realtor Should Have an Internet Presence

Contributing Author – Richard Soto, a Houston real estate expert and a member of the Extraordinary Agents Network…

Real Estate Marketing In addition to interviewing your Realtor about his or her experience and qualifications, you may also want to ask your Realtor about his or her Internet presence in the Washington DC real estate market. The truth is that today’s buyers are surfing the Internet to buy a home, so it is up to your Realtor to make sure your property is front and center when they start their search.
Here’s why you and your Realtor should never underestimate the power of the Internet presence:

  • Buyers understand that using the Internet saves them time – People enjoy searching for properties at any time of the day or night, in the privacy of their home. They enjoy narrowing down potential properties so they don’t waste their time viewing homes that simply don’t meet their wants or needs. Buyers who use the Internet use this tool because they can gather information and educate themselves before they begin actively searching for a home. So, it is up to your realtor to make sure they –along with your property – have a strong Internet presence.
  • Buyers enjoy the Internet’s many conveniences – In addition to viewing properties for sale from the comfort of their home, Internet buyers also appreciate the many features online searches provide. From virtual tours and online calculators to neighborhood and school information, the Internet provides potential buyers with a wealth of information that educates and informs them. If a buyer is equipped with the information necessary to make a solid decision, they will likely move forward.
  • Buyers enjoy searching without commitment – From serious buyers to those simply testing the waters in the market, the Internet allows buyers to preview properties without fear of making a commitment. However, many buyers soon discover a fantastic property and go from being a casual buyer to a serious buyer.

Because of this continually growing paradigm shift to real estate online information gathering, it’s paramount for your Listing Agent to have be an “Internet Authority” — with a team to support him or her.  Using knowledge of search engines, social media optimization — and the help from networks of like-minded professionals across the country, I’m able to ensure immediate online “visibility” of my listings.   It’s sometimes difficult to communicate this change in real estate “buying culture”, thus the importance of a robust and diverse online marketing program.   But it has become exceedingly clear that without “Authority”, an agent can’t possibly ensure that a property will get it in front of the most potential buyers.  This marketing “gap” can translate into how long your home is on the market  — or, as we’ve seen in some areas of the country, if your home sells at all.

Richard is the CEO & Broker of VIP Realty, The Premier Firm in Real Estate. Our offices focus on the Fort Worth real estate & Dallas real estate markets. To keep up-to-date with the North Texas condo market visit our Dallas condos page.

Washington DC Real Estate Rockin’ – Kinda

Washington DC Real Estate Showing Growth on Year Over Year Gaings – Today’s S&P Case Schiller Release:

Those who have been reading here lately — or followed my commentary on one of Denver’s top real estate blog spots, CherryCreekToday.com (Cherry Creek’s commercial corridor is kinda like a larger version of Friendships Heights for those who care!),  know my feelings about the large area studies. Washington DC real estate….no…REAL ESTATE is a study in “micro-markets.” Regardless, Gretchen (Greater Bethesda Real Estate Maven!) reported on Today’s S&P Case Schiller release so wanted to send you on over to her post on our Greater Bethesda-centric blog over at Koitzgroup.com if you were interested in a little reporting and analysis.

Update July/21/2013:  Two years later, I found this post and wanted to remind you that good news is good news but just remember to take some of it with a couple grains of salt :-).  Reference my thoughts on on LuxuryBethesdaRealEstate, DC Real Estate is “Healthiest Markets” In 2011: Why It Doesn’t Matter?

Washington DC at Dusk

What if Bethesda Were on A Beach?

How would you like it if Downtown Bethesda were on a beach?  Bethesda Magazine posed this question in a humorous and brilliant series of pictures depicting “in a perfect world”.  This was one of the coolest and most fun pieces I’ve seen in quite some time.  I wish I had the link to my favorite picture, but it was similar to this one of Barnes and Noble at the corner of Woodmont and Bethesda Avenue, which is at the center of the urban village core.  But instead of the massive parking lot (not seen), there was a beach!

Downtown Bethesda at the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda Avenue.  What if Downtown Bethesda were on a beach?
Downtown Bethesda at the intersection of Woodmont and Bethesda Avenue. What if Downtown Bethesda were on a beach?

Sarasota, FL & Gulf Goast, AL Inspiration Time

One of the best side-benefits of having real estate agent/marketing friends across the country is being able to keep up with different markets, and feel the pulse of the different areas where these professionals work.  Of course there’s no substitution for visiting, but I wanted to introduce you to two Beach destinations through the pictures below.

I encourage you to take a look at both of the websites associated with each area.  You can almost “feel the life of these areas” through them.  I was hoping that a look at these two extraordinary destinations through these two extraordinary web experiences will give you (at least the Greater Bethesda contingent out there) inspiration to answer this question:

If you could Move Downtown Bethesda anywhere, where would you move it?

Gulf Shores Real Estate?

Gulf Shores real estate anyone? Courtesy of Cal Carter and the top producing Gulf Shores Life Real Estate Team at Keller Williams.
Gulf Shores real estate anyone? Courtesy of Cal Carter and the top producing Gulf Shores Life Real Estate Team at Keller Williams.

Gulf Shore life looks awfully nice — especially through the lens of Cal Carter’s Gulf Shores real estate guide.   Appropriately titled GulfShoreLife.com, one look at the vivid slide-shows, images, and custom home listing displays on this triumph of a web guide will explain why I thought Bethesda would fit well on these sandy beaches.  For even more pictures, visit Cal’s Alabama Gulf Coast real estate guide…

Sarasota Real Estate

Luxury Sarasota Real Estate? Marc Rasmussen, one of the elite agents in Sarasota, has an equally impressive website -- LuxurySarasotaRealEstate.com is filled with images, videos, and all Greater Sarasota MLS property listings.

Recently touted as the #1 area to buy a home in the US, take a look at Marc Rasmussen’s LuxurySarasotaRealEstate.com – one of the finest and most attractive real estate guides anywhere. Besides perusing properties through a customized Sarasota MLS, don’t miss his Sarasota real estate news section for more Sarasota flavor.

Thoughts on where you’d move Bethesda (or your city, for those not from the area) if you could move it anywhere?