Bethesda Bikeshare Coming Downtown?

It has been reported that the Bethesda Urban Partnership is advocating that Bethesda join the many cities throughout the world who participate in a bikeshare program. Brilliant and necessary idea…

Downtown Bethesda Urban CoreBoth Washington, D. C. and Arlington, VA are currently hosting Capital Bikeshare — a program that gives its members access to bikes that are stored in racks at various locations. Riders pay a yearly fee of $75, which allows unlimited pick up and drop of of bikes, as long as the usage is for less than a half of an hour at a time. When the ride lasts more than 30 minutes, an additional fee is charged. There are also programs for people who don’t want/need an annual membership, but who want access to the bikes for a limited period of time (24 hours, a week, etc.). It’s the two-wheeled version of ZipCars.

Bethesda, which always faces traffic problems, is slated to become even more congested because of the BRAC reorganization that is bringing thousands of more cars to the Bethesda Naval Hospital campus (very soon to be the new Walter Reed). We definitely need a way to get some of these cars off the street, and a bikeshare program could certainly be part of the answer.

European cities have had these programs for many years and find them to be extremely successful for both residents and tourists alike. Let’s all do what we can to support Bethesda UP in this endeavor!!

Greater Bethesda Online Gets Help From iPhone App Developer

GreaterBethesdaOnline, Iphone App Developer-webmaster, & actually some Real Estate

Many of you know Greater Bethesda Online, this two year old web space devoted to primarily real estate, almost was hacked and it wasn’t by all those charming people defending wikileaks.  The culprit?  Me…yep, you heard me correctly.  I tried to perform some programming over my head a mistake that “broke” my own site.  It was a mistake so confusing, that it took one top webmasters/SEOs in the country to fix the mess.

Bethesda Modern Home
Greater Bethesda Online Needed Creative & Extraordinary Solutions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of making Google like your website…it’s MANY parts hard work, a few parts patience, and for those extremely talented (“webmastery”), it’s an art that normally rewards rewards the most creative (and normally, tech savvy)…

When Greater Bethessda Hard Knox Calls For ‘Triple Threats”

Like Jay Z :-), the aforementioned, webmaster/SEO is known by many names and talents. Some people like to call him an “iPhone App” guru, some like to call him The  “Denver SEO, others call him Denver Knox (“Denver” because of where he lives). I just like to call him friend and mentor. The lessons he’s taught me:

  • Don’t think yourself into paralysis (it’s easy to do)
  • That behind a lot of the complexities of online marketing, there are also comforting simplicities.
  • To take myself less seriously sometimes
  • “Keep it simple stupid”…

Greater Bethesda Online Problem Solving Simplicity?

Bethesda Avenue & Woodmont Avenue - Downtown Bethesda
Bethesda Avenue Picture - For testing Purposes

As I continue to replace some content lost here, Knox is helping me finish up some problem solving and just lend a helping hand. So I’m going to try to lend him one is showing him this picture of “Bethesda”. I’m uploading a picture for more some simple bug fixing that existed before I broke my own site.

What Does This Story / Bio Have to do with Greater Bethesda Real Estate

Not much directly — but there’s often morals easily extrapolated to real estate space.  So words of wisdom using  a real estate analogy:  >>  Only do it yourself if you know the best contractors in the business to clean up a possible mess.  In my case, I literally knocked my house down.  Gratitude to Knox and others who helped me re-build it.

Looking for more Real Estate, Right?

Many thanks for hanging in there with us while we  fix &  innovate…and come back soon.  You want MLS searches using 5+ search methods, from simple drops downs, to sophistication you haven’t seen yet? It’s coming imminently.  Bookmark this page or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay apprised.  Have great weeks and stay warm out there!

Greater Bethesda Cyber Threats? You Bet…

Are you putting yourself at risk when you shop online?   Clearly, any time you use a credit card, there is a certain amount of risk involved. But location plays a significant role in the severity of cyber threats. Funded by Norton from Symantec, we now know which cities are most and least prone to cyber — and Bethesda is up there (I’d feel safe putting it in the Washington DC cluster).

So, how Bethesda rank on the Norton Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities?

Bethesda Lane in Downtown Bethesda
Bethesda Lane in Downtown Bethesda

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A Line Worth Waiting In

I was intending to just drive by the polls on my way to the office this morning.  It was 8:45 am, and I expected a long line, but wanted to check it out.  I pulled into the parking lot of the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad (a new polling place for me, since we moved this summer) and noted that there were only about 30 people waiting outside.  Parking seemed a little tricky, but then a car pulled out and there was a vacant space beckoning for me.  It seemed as though this was the right time to vote.

By the time I parked and walked back to the building, the line had grown a little, but still seemed more than manageable.  After another five minutes (during which we didn’t seem to be making much progress), I asked the man behind me if he had voted at the location before and if he knew what the line did once we got inside.  He admitted that this was his first time, too, at this polling place.  As we got closer to the glass entrance, it was clear that the line continued inside and, once inside, we were able to see that the line meandered up a staircase and down another hallway before entering the room where we could actually vote.  By then, I felt “pot committed.”  I had already spent about 20 minutes in line, and it was clear that I had another 45 (at least) to go before voting.  I could leave, but the chance was that I’d come back to the same situation.

I don’t think I’m any different than most people in that waiting in line is not something that I’d put anywhere near the top of the list of things that I like to do.  But there are times when it’s okay.  We have been fortunate enough to attend the Telluride Film Festival for the past five years.  Held over Labor Day, we often explain to people who haven’t been that part of the fun is waiting in line for the movies.  It’s when you can catch up on the “buzz” of what people have seen and a time to meet other attendees.  I tried to bring this same attitude to the BCC Rescue Squad this morning and noted that people were mostly kind, calm and appreciative of the implications of a large voter turnout.  There was the one time when, getting close to the place where you pick up your voter card, I noticed that one of the volunteers was a former client and friend.  I stopped to try to catch her eye and missed my cue when the person in front of me moved ahead about five feet.  A woman about 8 people back noted the gap and called it to my attention, in no uncertain terms.  Her patience was clearly waning.

I was impressed by the number of families waiting in line (in Montgomery County, the public schools are closed since many are used as polling places), and the patience of the children.  There were fathers and mothers with infants and I noted at least one family with four children, seemingly ranging in age from about four to twelve.  One mother, upon seeing a friend not far behind her in line, shared the fact that her daughter (who looked to be about six years old) had just asked when John McCain and Barack Obama were going to show up.

I exited the voting booth about and hour and fifteen minutes after I had pulled into the parking lot.  There are lots of other ways that I would have rather spent that time, but I can’t think of anything else that would have been more important.

Contributing Blogger – Gretchen Koitz