Woodley Park’s Newest Breed of Wardmans

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
2818 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC 20008

Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominiums
The Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominimums - 2818 Connecticut Ave., NW

This boutique condo has emerged and has had healthy sales in the highly desirable Woodley Park neighborhood.  The Woodley Wardman Condominium‘s 7-story “tower” is being transformed into four luxurious townhomes (condo flats).  The end result will be a total of 39 units, with almost as many different floor plans, from studios to three bedroom, three bath residences.  An eco-efficiency design includes natural gas appliances  and heating systems, energy star appliances, energy efficient windows, recycled core materials in doors and more.

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A two block walk gets you to the Woodley Park Metro, and you are only a 10 minute walk to Adams-Morgan.  Also close by are the vibrant neighborhoods of Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park where you’ll find a host of great restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, banks, fitness studios, a library and post office and the Uptown Theatre.

With the National Zoo and Rock Creek Parkway a stone’s throw from the Woodley Wardman, there is plenty of leisure activities to accommodate the outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Bedroom
Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Living Area w/ Maple Hardwood Floors
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen

More Information?  Contact us, we’re always happy to help!  We also invite you you to visit our NW DC Luxury condo guide to view sample floor Woodley Wardan floor plan.

Here is a google map of where you can find The Woodley Wardman condominiums (2818 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC 20008).

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A Tech Savvy Realtor® Has the Edge

As a Calgary real estate professional I understand the benefits of hiring an agent with a tech savvy edge when buying or selling a home in today’s very competitive real estate market. Both a buyer and seller can benefit immensely by using a Realtor® who understands the complexities of web-based tools, culture, and how to leverage them.

Communication, for example – the best agents, of course, will be in touch face to face or on the phone — but for those who need/want a quick logistical response, a tech savant will no doubt be fast to respond to email, text messages and social media.  For clarity, I’m working on the presumption that you’ve found an agent who will get back to you in a timely manner regardless of medium…but the biggest bang for your buck will come from a professional who also has the technological know-how to communicate with clients who share this expertise.

For contracts and offers? This new breed of agent will harness technology to expedite delivery of an offer to the listing agent or his/her clients.

For Marketing your home? When selling a home it is imperative to use an agent with the online prowess to reach the maximum potential buyer pool.  The tech savvy agent can reach a broader audience through an Internet presence, and by strategically utilizing You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn … and among many others.  This process of creating a “workflow like social media marketing program” is appropriately named Social Media Optimization.

You may have read that 90% of buyers are finding their new home on the Internet.  Given this increasingy growing pradigm shift, it’s imperative to find an agent who can leverage the internet to develop online strategies.  The best “online agents” understand this importance of proper presentation when marketing a home and will optimize this presentation to reach the largest audience possible.

Let’s take a step back and remember that photos are the foundation of any successful marketing campaign.  This is where the best online real estate marketers/agents shine. Through use of premier third party virtual tour companies and using their knowledge of photo editing programs, creation of the most visually engaging images will be par for the course.

The best online marketing agents will have access to the latest listings and will email them to you as they come onto the market.  You will never miss out on any listing that matters to you.

Aside from knowing the market and its inventory, the most Tech savvy Realtors® will also have a a heads up on industry changes — harnessing traditional media and using local trending technology on social networks like Twitter, and Facebook.

In the end, when working with this new breed of real estate professional, it’s certainly important to make sure that they have extensive knowledge about both the local market and about the contract language.  If you’re impressed with their breadth of knowledge, as a buyer or seller, you will unequivocally benefit from the tools the real estate web savant brings to the table.

Crystal Tost, an award winning Calgary Realtor uses a “hands on, tech-centric” approach to provide her buyer and sellers unriveled access and maketing tools.  Visit her today at www.CalgaryListings.com

Understand Settlement Costs in Video?

The Real Estate Confusion?

The settlement process, from “who pays what”, to “why title insurance”, to “what documentation is needed where”, starts to become perplexing and profoundly unfamiliar.  Kind of like your first day in a Mandarin 101 class?  Well maybe not that tough but the settlement process has it’s own language. From HUD-1s, to “T & R”**, to Title Insurance, it takes some educating, especially for first time home buyers.

The Best Realtors Become The Source of Clarrity:

I’ve always admired Gretchen, (my Mother/Partner/DC Realtor extraordinaire), not just for her breadth of real estate knowledge, but in her seeming effortlessness in explaining most most complex and layered real estate “whys and hows.” It’s an ease and fluidity that would be impossible to teach and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons for her professional success.

Videos New Role In Real Estate Education

However, Gretchen – may have a run for her money against the likes visual story telling companies.  “Say It Visually” — “the premier creator of explanatory visual stories” (so says their website) — tells a story quite well in my opinion.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but seeing this technology applied outside the web 4.0 business world (aka, the “Twitters” of the world) makes you wonder where visual story telling goes next. (I’d still choose Gretchen though?).


**Actually most people say “Transfer and Recordation Tax” but I needed that sentence to keep a rhythm :- )

Why We Love Bethesda

Over the past decade, Bethesda has blossomed into the “it” location for the close-in Maryland suburbs.  With over 200 restaurants (many of them small, independent offerings) and two movie theatres (one of them small, independent), it is a wonderfully walkable area with a “city” vibe.  Besides restaurants and movies, there are bookstores, boutiques and home furnishing stores galore!!

There are also housing options within the walkable (true downtown Bethesda) areas. They range from relatively modest 1 bedrooms condos to high end penthouse apartments; from small houses on small lots to estate style houses on premium lots; and there are a few townhouses in the mix. Bethesda’s big issue (for those who don’t have the luxury of living there) is a lack of parking.  Although there are several large county garages and lots of on-street parking, the location’s popularity often exceeds its parking availability….but we’re working on it!