Why Your Realtor Should Have an Internet Presence

Contributing Author – Richard Soto, a Houston real estate expert and a member of the Extraordinary Agents Network…

Real Estate Marketing In addition to interviewing your Realtor about his or her experience and qualifications, you may also want to ask your Realtor about his or her Internet presence in the Washington DC real estate market. The truth is that today’s buyers are surfing the Internet to buy a home, so it is up to your Realtor to make sure your property is front and center when they start their search.
Here’s why you and your Realtor should never underestimate the power of the Internet presence:

  • Buyers understand that using the Internet saves them time – People enjoy searching for properties at any time of the day or night, in the privacy of their home. They enjoy narrowing down potential properties so they don’t waste their time viewing homes that simply don’t meet their wants or needs. Buyers who use the Internet use this tool because they can gather information and educate themselves before they begin actively searching for a home. So, it is up to your realtor to make sure they –along with your property – have a strong Internet presence.
  • Buyers enjoy the Internet’s many conveniences – In addition to viewing properties for sale from the comfort of their home, Internet buyers also appreciate the many features online searches provide. From virtual tours and online calculators to neighborhood and school information, the Internet provides potential buyers with a wealth of information that educates and informs them. If a buyer is equipped with the information necessary to make a solid decision, they will likely move forward.
  • Buyers enjoy searching without commitment – From serious buyers to those simply testing the waters in the market, the Internet allows buyers to preview properties without fear of making a commitment. However, many buyers soon discover a fantastic property and go from being a casual buyer to a serious buyer.

Because of this continually growing paradigm shift to real estate online information gathering, it’s paramount for your Listing Agent to have be an “Internet Authority” — with a team to support him or her.  Using knowledge of search engines, social media optimization — and the help from networks of like-minded professionals across the country, I’m able to ensure immediate online “visibility” of my listings.   It’s sometimes difficult to communicate this change in real estate “buying culture”, thus the importance of a robust and diverse online marketing program.   But it has become exceedingly clear that without “Authority”, an agent can’t possibly ensure that a property will get it in front of the most potential buyers.  This marketing “gap” can translate into how long your home is on the market  — or, as we’ve seen in some areas of the country, if your home sells at all.

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Greater Bethesda Online Gets Help From iPhone App Developer

GreaterBethesdaOnline, Iphone App Developer-webmaster, & actually some Real Estate

Many of you know Greater Bethesda Online, this two year old web space devoted to primarily real estate, almost was hacked and it wasn’t by all those charming people defending wikileaks.  The culprit?  Me…yep, you heard me correctly.  I tried to perform some programming over my head a mistake that “broke” my own site.  It was a mistake so confusing, that it took one top webmasters/SEOs in the country to fix the mess.

Bethesda Modern Home
Greater Bethesda Online Needed Creative & Extraordinary Solutions

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of making Google like your website…it’s MANY parts hard work, a few parts patience, and for those extremely talented (“webmastery”), it’s an art that normally rewards rewards the most creative (and normally, tech savvy)…

When Greater Bethessda Hard Knox Calls For ‘Triple Threats”

Like Jay Z :-), the aforementioned, webmaster/SEO is known by many names and talents. Some people like to call him an “iPhone App” guru, some like to call him The  “Denver SEO, others call him Denver Knox (“Denver” because of where he lives). I just like to call him friend and mentor. The lessons he’s taught me:

  • Don’t think yourself into paralysis (it’s easy to do)
  • That behind a lot of the complexities of online marketing, there are also comforting simplicities.
  • To take myself less seriously sometimes
  • “Keep it simple stupid”…

Greater Bethesda Online Problem Solving Simplicity?

Bethesda Avenue & Woodmont Avenue - Downtown Bethesda
Bethesda Avenue Picture - For testing Purposes

As I continue to replace some content lost here, Knox is helping me finish up some problem solving and just lend a helping hand. So I’m going to try to lend him one is showing him this picture of “Bethesda”. I’m uploading a picture for more some simple bug fixing that existed before I broke my own site.

What Does This Story / Bio Have to do with Greater Bethesda Real Estate

Not much directly — but there’s often morals easily extrapolated to real estate space.  So words of wisdom using  a real estate analogy:  >>  Only do it yourself if you know the best contractors in the business to clean up a possible mess.  In my case, I literally knocked my house down.  Gratitude to Knox and others who helped me re-build it.

Looking for more Real Estate, Right?

Many thanks for hanging in there with us while we  fix &  innovate…and come back soon.  You want MLS searches using 5+ search methods, from simple drops downs, to sophistication you haven’t seen yet? It’s coming imminently.  Bookmark this page or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay apprised.  Have great weeks and stay warm out there!

Greater Bethesda Cyber Threats? You Bet…

Are you putting yourself at risk when you shop online?   Clearly, any time you use a credit card, there is a certain amount of risk involved. But location plays a significant role in the severity of cyber threats. Funded by Norton from Symantec, we now know which cities are most and least prone to cyber — and Bethesda is up there (I’d feel safe putting it in the Washington DC cluster).

So, how Bethesda rank on the Norton Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities?

Bethesda Lane in Downtown Bethesda
Bethesda Lane in Downtown Bethesda

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Understand Settlement Costs in Video?

The Real Estate Confusion?

The settlement process, from “who pays what”, to “why title insurance”, to “what documentation is needed where”, starts to become perplexing and profoundly unfamiliar.  Kind of like your first day in a Mandarin 101 class?  Well maybe not that tough but the settlement process has it’s own language. From HUD-1s, to “T & R”**, to Title Insurance, it takes some educating, especially for first time home buyers.

The Best Realtors Become The Source of Clarrity:

I’ve always admired Gretchen, (my Mother/Partner/DC Realtor extraordinaire), not just for her breadth of real estate knowledge, but in her seeming effortlessness in explaining most most complex and layered real estate “whys and hows.” It’s an ease and fluidity that would be impossible to teach and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons for her professional success.

Videos New Role In Real Estate Education

However, Gretchen – may have a run for her money against the likes visual story telling companies.  “Say It Visually” — “the premier creator of explanatory visual stories” (so says their website) — tells a story quite well in my opinion.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but seeing this technology applied outside the web 4.0 business world (aka, the “Twitters” of the world) makes you wonder where visual story telling goes next. (I’d still choose Gretchen though?).


**Actually most people say “Transfer and Recordation Tax” but I needed that sentence to keep a rhythm :- )

Happy “Tweetsgiving”, Bethesda?

Yes, the title is a quick reference to Twitter.com and Thanksgiving of course!  As this Greater Bethesda area news and information guide is still in its infancy, we have yet to post any articles related to technology. There’ll be much to come in the future — great websites, tools, gadgets, and more to help make your life a little easier.  But today, I wanted to quickly point out the power of social media.

Reported several hours ago, by Mark Hopkins, a prominent technology writer, Epic Change, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is on the precipice of raising $10,000 in 48 hours. (As I am writing this post, Epic Change has just gone over the 75% mark).  And what is Epic Change doing with this money? Building a classroom in Tanzania.   All of this using a website they created called Tweetsgiving.org.  I understand for some of you, this website won’t make much sense and that’s fine 🙂  What is worth “taking home” is behind the programming is a truly “grassroots” fundraiser being held on a virtual platform.

For those of you who don’t use Twitter and are curious, I’ll post diagrams, videos, and tutorials in the future to help get you aquainted.

In the end, however it isn’t about the technology,  it’s about the amazing people behind the technology.  I thought a group like Epic Change deserved the spotlight on this very special day.  Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving…

– Kevin, from GreaterBethesdaOnline.com

Many thanks to the Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and the brilliant folks at Mashable.com, for your wonderful work.
Source: Tweetsgiving: What are You Thankful For?