The Lauren & The W Residences

The Lauren

If you’ve walked around downtown Bethesda, you’ve the seen the sign. The one that says “Starting in The Multi-Millions” 🙂  Despite the delays (a story for another day!), and despite what I find “amusing” about the sign, the final plans for These Residences was a bold statement.  And when they sell, an even more prnounced message.   If you build “it”, they will come.

The Lauren Residence’s “It” Factor

These are the products developers forgot to build.  The large 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, other developers didn’t have the courage or “market research” to build. Bravo 1877 Holdings and company.  And you’re welcome… 🙂

The large 3 bedroom Condos + Bethesda = Sales

Aside from the smaller 2 bedrooms, The Lauren will sell in a flash.  Gretchen Koitz (Mom) and I saw the growing demand for large 3 bedroom Condos in the Greater Bethesda area — reach a fever pitch.  I’m not saying we were ahead of our time, well yes I am 🙂  

So you’re welcome 1877 Holdings….you did Quarry Spring all on your own.  But the next time you have a project concept, I’m open for counsel 🙂

In all seriousness, it took a coalition with visions and some courage to build a product that was clearly in demand.  And to all 3 of you who follow this blog, many thanks, and continue to hold me to my predictions.  I like to be help accountable.

So why does Greater Bethesda Needs a Condo Residence?  Feel free to read more about how I resided on the  issue.

why Bethesda Needs a W Hotel Condo Residence – November 14, 2009

Every area has slightly different housing needs — and if there’s one type of property the Greater Bethesda area is begging for, it’s the 2000 sq. ft.+ luxury condo. In this particular case, I picture a Boutique W,  with approximately 40 hotels rooms and 30 residences…all 2000-5000+ square foot units (the residences, that is). The upscale Hotel / Residence is the epitome of the “lock and leave” convenience, with the “resort style” living many are asking for.

More to come on The Residences Lauren and other new developments (that do it right!) – just wanted to set the record straight.  Hope everyone had great weekends!

Architecturally Distinct Bethesda Luxury Homes

Hello and welcome to “The” LuxuryBethesdaRealEstate Blog (formerly Because the site is in the middle of renovations, we wanted to present some polished pieces of eye-candy you can own. It’s great to be back and I can’t wait to show you some of the tools we’ve developed to make your life lovely!

Bethesda’s Most Unique Homes For Sale!

1.  Wissioming Ct, Bethesda, MD 20816 – True Bob Gurney Modern…

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”mc7734183″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

That note above is correct, just needed to change of MLS numbers!

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC8054439″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

2. Just Renderings — but the last time I heard, these could possibly be residential dwellings…

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC7813586″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

3. The Somerset House (Building 3 – Park Somerset)…unparalleled views service, and amenities.  Its “the Ritz of Chevy Chase” (some would argue “better”)

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”MC7954558″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

speaking of….just one in DC!

4. 3150 South St – Penthouse in the 28 Unit Ritz Residences (Georgetown):  Okay, I “cheated” but This Penthouse in the Ritz (Georgetown location) is one of the most extraordinary units in arguably the finest condo development in the DC Metro area.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”DC7931190″ showpricehistory=”true” showschools=”true” showlocation=”true”]

 Enjoy the rest of your weekends and stay tuned for uniquely extraordinary search tools!  

Rare Ritz Calton Georgetown Condo Unit For Sale!

A rarely available unit at The Ritz Carlton’s Georgetown Location is available for sale.  This extraordinary 28 unit boutique adjacent and actually part of the Georgetown hotel, is home to the most expensive condos sale in Washington DC – The two most expensive dc condo sales ever on MLS record.

What’s more interesting (and an issue I won’t be able to get into depth on this post – but will follow up), is that this unit, in arguably the most prestigious, and expensive condo development in the entire DC Metro area, is bank owned.  For those reading this from out of town, the Greater Bethesda Maryland area Northwest DC fine neighborhoods have seen very few luxury foreclosures.  Again, I’ll get back to this issue as it’s an important one to cover.

I also got to preview the unit with some clients so for those interested, I’ll have more commentary, pictures…and maybe some info on another unit in there being “quietly marketed” 🙂 Stay tuned this weekend!

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”DC7505476″ showall=”true”]

– Update, January 17th 2011:  The aforementioned unit at the Residences at The Ritz in Georgetown @ 3150 South St. NW #1F, Washington, DC 20007. Went under contract on January 14th per MRIS MLS records. I’ll follow up this week with my assessment of the unit, a few pictures, and what/if this ultra luxury foreclosure says about the state of the DC market. Doom and Gloom? No, just that no one’s immune.

But before get into further detail this week, any thoughts?