Woodley Park’s Newest Breed of Wardmans

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
2818 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC 20008

Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominiums
The Woodley Wardman Luxury Condominimums - 2818 Connecticut Ave., NW

This boutique condo has emerged and has had healthy sales in the highly desirable Woodley Park neighborhood.  The Woodley Wardman Condominium‘s 7-story “tower” is being transformed into four luxurious townhomes (condo flats).  The end result will be a total of 39 units, with almost as many different floor plans, from studios to three bedroom, three bath residences.  An eco-efficiency design includes natural gas appliances  and heating systems, energy star appliances, energy efficient windows, recycled core materials in doors and more.

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A two block walk gets you to the Woodley Park Metro, and you are only a 10 minute walk to Adams-Morgan.  Also close by are the vibrant neighborhoods of Dupont Circle and Cleveland Park where you’ll find a host of great restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, banks, fitness studios, a library and post office and the Uptown Theatre.

With the National Zoo and Rock Creek Parkway a stone’s throw from the Woodley Wardman, there is plenty of leisure activities to accommodate the outdoor enthusiasts as well.

Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Bedroom
Woodley Wardman Condominiums
Woodley Wardman Condominiums - Living Area w/ Maple Hardwood Floors
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen
Woodley Wardman Condominium - Kitchen

More Information?  Contact us, we’re always happy to help!  We also invite you you to visit our NW DC Luxury condo guide to view sample floor Woodley Wardan floor plan.

Here is a google map of where you can find The Woodley Wardman condominiums (2818 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington DC 20008).

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Greater Bethesda Is Real Estate Rebound town USA?

Bethesda Real Estate Rebound Town USA?

This will come to no surprise to those of us who live in or around Bethesda, but in cased you missed it, Forbes published the results from a recent “Local Market Monitor (aka LMM), (just another real estate research firm who Forbes put to the task). Some of the other notables included San Diego, Washington DC, San Jose, Austin.

Bethesda Is A County & Another Town?…

Edgemoor, Bethesda Home
A Bethesda home in The Prestigious Edgemoor Neighborhood

…According to LMM, yes we are…I’ll explain, but at its core:  “number crunchers + “talking heads” – “knowledge of area”  =  gross inaccuracies.

I’m just not a fan of news pretending to be news.  Is there value (and some accuracy) with some areas on this list?  I think so.  I know many Austin agents who are seeing uptick and the current median price seems on track.  But the Greater Bethesda area and Washington DC is more difficult to “define”.

As I started reviewing metrics used to determine Bethesda a “real estate rebound capitols” (I thought we were already doing okay by the way!), I noticed some “issues” off the bat.

Let’s review…

“500,000 residents or more”:

Ermmm, Bethesda may be inching towards 60,000, but I live here and I’d be pretty sure if we had another 400,000+ residents.

“…unemployment and job growth rates, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

…And That’s Where Bethesda Became GREATER…Way Too GREATER

I found aforementioned Bureau of Labor Statistics data and think I found where Forbes/LMM Started to fail Bethesda…Miserably

Per Bureau of Labor Statistics January 4th 2011 release…

“The largest over-the-year percentage increases in employment among the metropolitan divisions were posted in Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, Md. (+2.1 percent)”

And this is where it appears “Bethesda was also another City/Town (Rockville) and another County (Frederick)!” This would explain our “population influx” and a reported “Bethesda Median Home Price” of $384,775.

I’m going to save the research for market reports — but for those of you who live out of the area, approximate median home values in Bethesda is  over $700,000.

Combining two “towns” and one County to define Bethesda..Really? 🙂 — I’m truly smiling as I write this…especially at the thought of exactly how much Forbes paid “The” Local Market Monitor.

Just a kind reminder that even The Forbes’ of the world can be ohhh so far off — (I’d actually call it irresponsibly inaccurate). — so trust the Micro-Markets and local analysis. The rest is just fluff.

Washington DC Real Estate Rockin’ – Kinda

Washington DC Real Estate Showing Growth on Year Over Year Gaings – Today’s S&P Case Schiller Release:

Those who have been reading here lately — or followed my commentary on one of Denver’s top real estate blog spots, CherryCreekToday.com (Cherry Creek’s commercial corridor is kinda like a larger version of Friendships Heights for those who care!),  know my feelings about the large area studies. Washington DC real estate….no…REAL ESTATE is a study in “micro-markets.” Regardless, Gretchen (Greater Bethesda Real Estate Maven!) reported on Today’s S&P Case Schiller release so wanted to send you on over to her post on our Greater Bethesda-centric blog over at Koitzgroup.com if you were interested in a little reporting and analysis.

Update July/21/2013:  Two years later, I found this post and wanted to remind you that good news is good news but just remember to take some of it with a couple grains of salt :-).  Reference my thoughts on on LuxuryBethesdaRealEstate, DC Real Estate is “Healthiest Markets” In 2011: Why It Doesn’t Matter?

Washington DC at Dusk

Spring Valley DC, DC Luxury, Castles, & Presidents

Spring Valley DC – A  DC Neighborhood Profile from a unique and entertaining lens.

Picture it, I am driving South on Wisconsin Avenue…as I turn the corner I pass The American University…ahh that reminds me of my first Erasure concert at the University’s Bender Arena. Spare me your funny comments…it was the Eighties ,but I digress. A couple more turns off of Nebraska Avenue and you will find the affluent Washington DC neighborhood of Spring Valley. In the dictionary Spring Valley means “to be catapulted into a picturesque tree-lined neighborhood reminiscent of a movie set.” Alright, you found out, it does not — but that is how I feel when I am here.

Some Background:

Spring Valley DC houses American University (which I had previously mentioned), and Wesley Theological Seminary. It is surrounded by Massachusetts Avenue, Loughboro, Nebraska Avenue and Dalecarlia Blvd.

Is Spring Valley, DC’Lebrities & Presidents “Town” USA?

The DC celebrities love Spring valley— Jim Vance , Ann Compton, Washington Nationals Principal owners Debra and Ed Cohen. But the most notable residents to ever inhabit Spring Valley (no offense, Jim Vance!) — eh, just a couple Presidents. Did you know that Nixon lived in Spring Valley before he was President? Lyndon B Johnson did as well when he purchased the three-story mansion Les Ormes (The Elms).

Spectacular Spring Valley DC Homes & Estates To Be Expected

Spring Valley DC HomeColonial and English manor style homes (and a few mini castles!)  typically range range between 1.5 million to 10 million. Although not every home in Spring Valley is a true Estate, most homes sit beautifully on large manicured lawns (and many rest on lush, rolling hills).

Wanna learn more about what makes Spring Valley one of DC’s finest neighborhoods? Feel free to visit our Spring DC Luxury Neighborhoods guide to learn more about DC’s premier Urban oasis.

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Washington DC Ranked 2nd Most Literate City US?

Washington DC Edged Out By Seatle As “Literacy Town USA”

Congrats Washington DC. And congrats to Dr. Jack Miller who is responsible for a relatively thorough study. I normally argue that the metrics used to measure “city rankings”, are rushed and rife with confounding factors. And this list isn’t a total exception. But Dr. Miller, President Central Connecticut State University, uses “intelligent” parameters to reach his consensus.

Greater Bethesda Maryland Was Left…So Was Madison WI

Well…to be fair, Bethesda is officially “town”…and Bethesda’s population disqualified them anyway (city had to had a population of at least 250,000. But I would’ve loved to have seen us in the mix. Another notable left out of the study was Madison Wisconsin — precluded because of a population just $25,000 short of the minimum $250,000 threshold.

“How” Washington, DC Delivered

Literacy rankings were based of of 6 principal metrics:

  • Bookstores (per 10,000 population)
  • Education Level
  • Internet Resources
  • Library Support, Holdings, and Utilization
  • Newspaper Circulation?Periodical Publishers

>> variables explained in depth

More critque to come — but until then, any thoughts on rankings below?

The 20 “Most Literate” Cities Per Study

  1. Seattle, WA
  2. Washington, DC
  3. Minneapolis, MN
  4. Pittsburgh, PA
  5. Atlanta, GA
  6. Portland, OR
  7. St. Paul, MN
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Cincinnati, OH
  10. Denver, CO