Washington DC Fine Properties

Fine properties – just another way of saying the most extraordinary properties in the area. ¬†When people think of Washington Fine Properties, they’re bound to to think Bethesda, Chevy Chase, & Potomac.

Consisting of almost 70 square miles and bordered by the states of Maryland and Virginia, our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is an absolutely gorgeous city!! Probably because of strict height limitations and lots of green space, the city feels more spacious than many similarly sized U.S. cities. And definitely because of the beautification projects initiated by Lady Bird Johnson, when her husband was President, there are many times of year when the flowers and plants are breathtaking.

The U.S. Capitol sits in the “center” of the city and the four quadrants that define its borders branch out from there. The Southwest reaches down to the waterfront and houses both government agencies and cultural attractions, like the Arena Stage. The Northwest is the largest quadrant, has the most recognized neighborhoods for housing and shopping (i.e., Georgetown) and also is home to many government agencies.

The Southeast is quickly growing into a destination for both housing and shopping and is the home to the new baseball stadium for The Nationals baseball team and to the very popular Eastern Market. Going Northeast, there is a flurry of redevelopment along Rhode Island and New Hampshire Avenues and this area is also home to recognized higher education institutions like Catholic University and Galluadet College. Washington has many different neighborhoods and offers all types of housing. From true estates (or embassises – yes, you can buy one) to small bungalows; from majestic turn of the century New York style coops; to newly constructed lofts.

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