Bethesda Byes – Denver, Gulf Shores, & Sacramento Hellos

Yep, after two weeks of polishing up some marketing “stuff”, visiting friends, and knocking the soccer ball around, I will be leaving Bethesda Maryland & headed back out to the San Francisco. You can’t help but be a little more relaxed out there…and for that reason, along with the some amazing friends, I’m excited to return. Same job, different location…

From Bethesda Byes, SF Hellos -
I love Bethesda but these views are hard to find.

This picture was taken from one of my best friends parents house in Belvedere Island in Marin County, a  “suburb” of San Francisco – it’s the Bethesda of Washington DC…that’s the best local analogy I can come up with but there truly are none!  It’s hard to replicate an area like Belvedere.  Yes, great friends and great views make a great life.

Besides seeing my college friends again, I also welcome a visit from a good friend I made through marketing conferences.  Few would argue that he is one of the finest SEOs in the world (yep, seriously the world). He decided to cut his client list dramatically and start leveraging his abilities to to start search engine marketing for Denver real estate. Long story short is you’ll soon be seeing him on the top of Google’s list for that term and others. And that translates well in real estate if you’re also great with people.

And then there’s another good friend just a short car ride away, Carolyn Gjerde-Tu — a Davis & Greater Sacramento real estate agent,  with who has earned the title of webmaster.  She continues to help me in my real with my real estate marketing endeavors and has fun doing it.  I look forward to many future marathon brainstorming “power lunches” with her : – )

My Visit Ends And Hoping Other’s Begin

And there are more so many more like-minded friends who I hope will drop in from time to time  for a guest post here.  From a brilliant Gulf Shores real estate agent, Cal Carter to a West coast neighbor like Carolyn, it would be fun for everyone to get a glimpse of their magic…

It’s just 9:20 PM on the on the west coast but I have a few more days in Bethesda.  So “good night, Bethesda”, “Good nigh San Francisco”, “Good night Belvedere”, “Good night to Realtors (the good ones)”, “Good night, Davis”, “Good Night, Denver”, “Good night, Gulf Shores”…and “Good night good friends”…

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  1. Hi Kevin, What a lovely warm-hearted post! Congratulations on your move from Bethesda to San Francisco! I wish you all the luck in the world breaking into that market. I’m also looking forward to meeting up with you in your second home, Madison WI, later this month. Be sure to change your Twitter location to SF when you get a chance! Fond regards, Jolenta

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