Bethesda…”Healthyville” USA For Women?

On Monday, November 24th, USA Today had an article that gave massive kudos to the women of Bethesda, Maryland. According to the story, which was based on an analysis in Self Magazine, our community rates Number 1 in the nation when it comes to the “most healthy and fit women in the country.”

I must admit that I was a little surprised. As many of you know, I’m definitely addicted to exercise (I’ve always said that if you have to have an addiction, it’s not a bad one to have) and most of my friends find time during the week to hit the gym, or the trail, or the pool…or something. But I would have guessed that “most healthy” would go to some place like Seattle or San Francisco – someplace where the outdoors is more of a factor in people’s lives. When we had the opportunity to spend a few months in the California Bay Area several years ago, we certainly felt that people took great advantage of the many miles of biking and hiking trails and, of course, the weather meant that you could enjoy these routines mostly year ‘round.

According to USA Today, “Bethesda landed on top because women there have some of the lowest rates of smoking, obesity, cancer, depression and heart disease. And they have access to more doctors per capital than anywhere else.”

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And stay healthy!

Contributing Blogger – Gretchen Koitz