One reply on “Bethesda More Snow: Picture in Downtown Bethesda”

  1. For once we’re not the only ones buried in snow! Have to admit, though, it does seem a lot odder for a place like Maryland to be getting that much snow. Or should I say it’s odd for Maryland to be getting any snow?! Does it normally even snow in Maryland? ~lol We Madisonians are kinda used to it by now. Heck, I remember once it was 90 degrees below zero with the wind chill here (dunno when but it was sometime in the 1970’s). And we used to make igloos out of the piles of snow at the bottom of the driveway. Anyway, happy digging yourselves out! Believe me, if there’s one benefit to all that white stuff it’s that you’ll never, ever take Spring, Summer or even Fall for granted again! 😀

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