Bethesda News – First Potomac Realty “Counting Their Eggs” Irresponsibly?

Greater Bethesda Area’s First Potomac Realty looking A Little Suspicious

Ehhh…just got picked up this story up on Reuters and they were kinder than I would have been with First Potomac Realty Trust, the “self-managed real estate investment trust that focuses on owning, operating, developing and redeveloping business parks and industrial properties in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area…”.  Well they’ve already declared 3rd quarter growth are getting ready to pay themselves for their fiscal triumph…hmmm…

So “early” proclamations of “Victory” from officials inside a a self-managed company where those who stand to make the profit are those who work for said company — are eligible to pay themselves less than 60 days after third quarter’s close?  Yes, I know that the profit and confidence lies from working for government officials and knowledge of the influx in government jobs — which is great for the DC Metro area.

Maybe  my reaction lies more in First Potomac’s ability to “draw” money so quickly; the assumption and almost uninhibitedly enthusiasm may be warranted, but at the same time, shouldn’t we all be have a even the vaguest sense that nothing is a given.  Haven’t we seen where this kind of greed (maybe hubris is a better word) got us the last time around?  Seems like not so desperate times (for some) still calls for what I believe many would call “over-zealous” (?) behavior?

I’ll follow up with more commentary on this one but probably best to let it go for now and get some feedback from you. >> First Potomac Realty Trust Declares Third Quarter Dividend As always, I love the feedback and thank you for your e-mails and/or tweets?

…which brings me to a much lighter side of the news — depending on how big of a Redskins fan you are I guess – Daniel Snyder’s ban on signs at “his field” hasn’t stopped many of DC’s “jaded” to take their frustrations outside the confines of Fedex Field. The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg (great Blogger/Writer for those who haven’t been acquainted with his work yet) reported this very piece of art was  captured outside “a construction site on Wisconsin Avenue heading South” into Bethesda, Maryland.  The photo was taken and “syndicated” via Twitter from the reliable @dcborn61. Well done to all on this story, from those who created art, to those who captured it, to those who reported it.

Good afternoons to all!!