Boutique Bethesda Condos Coming!

New Bethesda Condos on Montgomery Lane
Downtown Bethesda Doing The True Boutique Condo

The smallest New Bethesda condo boutique in the pipeline may still have one unit available.

Months ago, I wrote about a new Downtown Bethesda Townhomes development  in the works.  Forget what I said? 🙂  The developer has decided to go the with four downtown Bethesda condos instead.

According to one of the reps, there will be  “4 condos”, that  “2 [have already] sold already…maybe 3”, and that “construction [is slated] to start in approx. 1 year.”

Each unit will have it’s own garage door that enters into elevator lobby. It appears the units will be a shade smaller than 2000 sq. ft. though  Kind reminder, I’ve yet to follow up for a few weeks and plans continually change!  From what I could cajole from the developers , units will be hovering in that $2 million dollar area.

Condo fees are a tougher nut to crack, but if I were to guess, even in a very small boutique, one should expect 50-60 cents per square foot (meaning somewhere in that $800-$1000/month area).

I’ve included the few elevations below and I’ll keep you updated  as I learn more!

If you have any interest, would like to set up an appointment, or would like to be kept in the loop.  Contact me, (or simply use the form below) and I’ll be more than happy to do what I can.


New Downtown Bethesda Condos BoutiqueNew Bethesda Condo Boutique