Cash for Carpools In Greater Bethesda, DC, & VA

Nope, not joking!  Hot off the presses, straight from the Dr. Gridlock columns in The washington Post is a reported 3 month program to see if $2 can cajole more people to carpool together.  I admitedly don’t read Dr. Gridlock as much as I should, so I don’t know his propoensity to kid around :-), but I’m going to go on the limb and take hime for his word.  According to the the good Dr., the program will be sponsored Commuter Connections,  and will “reward commuters who currently travel alone along any stretch of the Capital Beltway from Bethesda to Tysons Corner”, among many other congested thoroughfares throughout the DC Metro area.  If the 3 month experiment turns out to be a hit, there’s even possibility to further expansion.  Less Traffic for Greater Bethesda Beltways. Tysons Area marked by arrow

What do you think?  Is $2 enough incentive to grow the kind of “movement” needed to turn this from experiment to every day event?