City Homes of Edgemoor

Downtown Bethesda Townhomes
Bethesda’s City Townhomes of Edgemoor – construction 1997

Just a little more working out the bugs…we’re getting there! This is Gretchen’s (mother/partner/boss!) and Dad’s old digs. She and David (as “Dad” is also known) bought one of the 29 units pre-sale in 1997. My brother was already out in Oregon (being a college student!), and their remaining son (me) was about to head off to the “Left Coast” himself for college. So they decided to down-size from a more suburban location just a few miles North of Bethesda in an area called Kensington, Maryland. (Those of you who know Kensington, we lived in Chevy Chase View). I spent 18 years at that house in Chevy Chase View and 11 days in the townhome before going off on one of the more fun endeavors of my life. Of course I got to enjoy the incredible Downtown Bethesda location during breaks. You’ll hear more about The City Homes of Edgemoor soon – and you may hear some college stories too 🙂 Nah, we’ll stick to pictures, videos, and real estate for now. But for now, just a quick post to make sure the photos are uploading and aligning properly…now I just need text to show up in the body of the template and I’ll be golden: -) I’ll touch base soon…K