Downtown Bethesda Luxury Townhome Video Tour

For those who are interested in luxury Bethesda townhomes in the heart of Downtown, The City Homes of Edgemoor stands as one of the few choices. Because of escalating downtown Bethesda land prices in the late 1990s, most newer developments demanded that developers plan for more density – which led to condos — and along with them, the end of the short era of townhome development. Located a stones throw from The Bethesda Metro and the Downtown urban core, The City Homes of Edgemoor was the 2nd of just two luxury downtown Bethesda Townhome developements.

Just a little over a decade ago, the The City Homes of Edgemoor were just homes. Older, relatively run down single family homes lined Montgomery Lane at that point. After a local developer purchased the first couple of homes on Montgomery Lane, however, interest in the development of “City Homes” spread rapidly. In fact, the City Homes sold out before construction even began (circa 1997).

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Video of the City Homes of Edgemoor Unit

During Phase 1 of the construction of The City Homes of Edgemoor, three rows of 4-level townhomes were completed. Two of the rows contained six townhomes, while the third row had only five units. Each of the townhomes provided approximately 2400 square feet of living space to its residents, with the exception of two that were found in the third row. It was in the third row that the developer and the builder, constructed their own personal units – each of which 3500 square feet (essentially a townhouse and a half). They also featured 3 car garages as well with elevators. These incredibly special units have since turned over — and one is actually currently on the market. There were only two other “normal” units completed during Phase 1 contain elevators.

Two years after Phase 1 was wrapped up in 1998, the second phase of the project began. At this time, the developer acquired a couple more properties and chose one of Bethesda’s most prominent builders, to construct two additional rows of townhomes. Although the units are similar to those that were built during phase 1, they are a bit larger. In fact, each home is approximately 3,000 square feet (via an extra 6 feet of depth). In addition, each unit has its own elevator.

The City Homes of Edgemoor are considered to be such a desirable place to live. Residents of The City Homes of Edgemoor enjoy easy access to nearly 200 restaurants and more than 100 specialty shops, boutiques, movie theatres and more within the area.

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