Downtown Bethesda’s Next Boutique Development

Downtown Bethesda’s Next Boutique Development?

Some potentially exciting news for those of you looking for the rare Downtown Bethesda townhome.  With only 58 total in the downtown Bethesda core (between the Villages of Bethesda and The City Homes of Edgemoor), it would be refreshing to see a few new, “lower density” products out there.

Proposed Site of Bethesda Townhomes - Next to Edgemoor Condos
Proposed site of 4 new Downtown Bethesda Townhomes - Next to Edgemoor Condos

And what if one of the area’s premier builders in the area had their hand in/on the project?  It appears (“appears” being the operative word!) that indeed, Sandy Spring Builders builders got their hands on some coveted Montgomery Lane land and are planning on building.  I should have more info in the next few weeks, but I’m pretty clear on the fact that they’ve purchased one parcel (it would be great if they could get their hands on more!) and propose to build in the next few years.

City Homes of Edgemoor - Bethesda Townhomes
The City Homes of Edgemoor Phase II Downtown Bethesda townhomes built in 2000

What seems clear:

Sandy Spring is going to build townhomes on the Montgomery Lane Corridor of Downtown Bethsda

What I think I know

Sandy Spring acquired a corner lot at West and Montgomery.  The parcel will evidently hold 4 townhomes.

Sandy Spring’s History With Downtown Bethesda Townhome Development

– Sandy Spring built the second phase of the “City Homes of Edgemoor” (the last two rows) in 2000.  So they know the lay of the land well.  They also have a dominant share in the single family custom market in the downtown Bethesda area.
–  In the Mid 2000s, they were oh so close to putting an assemblage together that would’ve allowed them to build (7 units?) on Arlington Lane.  All were slated to be +/-3000 square feet with elevators and rooftop decks.

I didn’t think prices in Downtown Bethesda would ever allow a developer/builder the opportunity to build a townhouse again. That is, condo development would be the only property type that would allow the kind of density needed to  justify the cost of aforementioned land!

At the same time…
Sandy Spring has been ahead of the curve for some time now.  From their new Classic modular luxury home line to an organized, smart, and attentive staff, I see why this would be right up their alley.

Not to mention downtown Bethesda condo developers are clearly reticent to step into the ring again (or already lost their shirts).
I’ll leave this for another day, but any Downtown Bethesda condo developers who are just sitting on their land right now are showing, again, just how lost they are.   When I get lost, I at least ask for directions.  Looks like Sandy Spring already has them…that is those plans I saw 6 years ago, they’ll prove again that if you build what they want, they will come.