Farm Fresh in DC & Bethesda

Downtown Bethesda

With the Fall harvest virtually upon us, Washington DC and Bethesda have gown increasingly begun alive with vibrant outdoor markets providing an abundance of farm to table items. From produce, to meats and seafood, many local producers have gained an entry into the market place through a growing number of Farmer’s Markets in DC proper as well as the near in suburbs. And where the tradition used to limit these markets strictly to Sunday mornings, we are now seeing them spread to all different days and times providing all sorts of options to shoppers.

There is also an ever increasing trend towards chef participation at these events from local as well as national food personalities, leading cooking demonstrations as well as discussing how they source ingredients for their respective establishments. Some markets are also expanding to include vending on site such as Red Zebra, a mobile gourmet wood fired pizza outfit that has recently taken up a “residency” at the Freshfarm Market by the White House every Thursday from 3-7pm.

It’s nice to know in this ever growing city that we can still get a little taste of country living, and from Dupont, to Downtown, to Bethesda there are opportunities to advance healthy eating habits. Enjoy in good health!

For more information on farm markets near your part of the city as well as a calendar of events and chef appearances, a great resource is, and independent non profit group based out of Washington DC dedicated towards providing economic opportunities for local farmers.