Got Beds, Bethesda?

Several years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Bergel, the founder and director of what was then a relatively new non-profit. Called A Wider Circle, Mark’s dream of creating an association that would help people facing poverty, homelessness and substance abuse has become a recognized success in our community.

Recently, A Wider Circle moved to a new home where there is more space for them to serve local families. According to a recent email from Mark, this move “has also brought us more attention – and the calls for help continue to increase to a point we have never seen before”

One of the items that seem to be especially needed is beds. So, I thought it might be helpful to forward Mark’s appeal. This Sunday, from 10-2, volunteers will be available to accept your donation of beds at their Center 9159-C Brookville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910. In addition, if you have a number of beds that you can accumulate in one place, A Wider Circle will make arrangements to pick them up.

If you don’t have beds, but you can volunteer to drive a truck (especially if you have one to drive!), or to help carry furniture, or if you have money to donate… all would be welcome. As Mark says, “It’s an efficient, grassroots system that means your time volunteering translates directly into better lives for our community’s most vulnerable kids and adults.”

Of course, there are lots of other volunteer opportunities at A Wider Circle, all of which you can find out more about on their website.

Contributing blogger – Gretchen Koitz