Greater Bethesda Get’s A Life & Green

Yep, that’s right, GreaterBethesdaOnline and (our Greater Bethesda homes / lifestyle hub) has had gone Green.

Updated July 29th, 2015:  Special thanks to the venerable Knox Richards, one of the premier webmasters, for re-theming “GBO” :-)?  Note, I had to change this theme but I miss it!  However, we’re moving to a more infromation-centric property and neighborhood guide (it’s been 5 years!):  

New home search tools come with the new colors – see the new “Life Search” tab.  Let me know what you think? Any feedback on color?  🙂  Please feel free to weigh in on any search features or data you wish was more available.

Please get as creative as you’d like 🙂  I’ll do my best to oblige (within reason!)  I’d have to ask programming what “reasonable is so all ideas are welcome with open arms!  feature you wish you wish was available.  Or something you having seen.  had wish you could  property searches…in the mean time, enjoy some pictures!  Have great Sundays!

Bethesda Lane in Big Snow!
I love this photo – remember this anyone 🙂 ?
Bethesda Avenue
A remastered image of Bethesda Row during the blizzard of 2010

Bethesda Lane (in Green)

Lionsgate, Bethesda in Green

Bethesda Row - Iconic