Greater Bethesda Knoxed Back Online

GreaterBethesdaOnline is Back!   Many thanks to some awful “do sophisticated computer stuff myself decisions”, I “crashed” “GreaterBethesda”.  Lifeless words about “Bethesda-centrism”, “real estate”, and “friends” lay strewn around the Internet.  When I realized the severity of this “misstep”, I called an “authority”.

A “WebmasterCutionist”, a “Samauri” of search engine marketing, problem solving…and the one who was able to salvag GBO.  If it wasn’t for some truly extraordinary restorative work by Knox – “the” Denver SEO “GreaterBethesdaOnline”…wouldn’t have been online or offline.

All that would’ve been left?  Just faint memories of stories and images — of the media taking it easy on Sasha Obama’s first day of school; of the mistakes that led to Lionsgate Condos slow sales; to announcements of the most extraordinary homes to hit the market in Downtown Bethesda

Many thanks Knox, and gratitude to all three of those of you loyal readers who hung with me through the dark days.

So what does the future hold for “GBO”?  Do I upload all the old pictures again?  What do I do with this website’s sole multimedia survivor? — a 10 second video of Bethesda lane before the blizzard of 2010?  In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter?

Did GBO ever really have a sole?  A real focus?  All 3 of you can be honest 🙂  GreaterBethesdaOnline began as an exercise in learning how not to break blogs (ermmm).  It was to be Bethesda-centric (got that one); it was supposed to touch on news and notes from the surrounding Chevy Chase, Potomac and Northwest Washington DC areas; and it was to provide those inside and outside the Greater Bethesda area some ways to become more intimate with the area.  It’s about time we cover all bases, right?  I think so too…

9 days and counting until GBO opens it’s new doors?   Barring any other attempt of “unintentional self-sabotage”,  everything that was missing in the past will come together in a an interactive mls search, Greater Bethesda-centric Bonanza of engagement, from neighborhood knowledge, to area stats, to interactive map you probably have never seen before?  More specifics, you’ll have to wait.  But these are fireworks worthy of another glimpse.  Stand by…and see you soon 🙂