In Which County is Bethesda Located

A question I receive quite often from those moving on in! It’s great question, one which speaks to the popularity of Bethesda.  It’s as if Bethesda defines the county…or perhaps more accurately said, is better known than the County…

Montgomery County MD Map
Note Bethesda to Northwest DC - Picture Courtesy of of LIFE SEARCH tool (top navigation menu). Feel free to give it a try!

Answer: Montgomery County, Maryland…one grandiose “area” that desserve a little more information.

Montgomery County Is…

  • “Moco”: yes :-)… Moco is nomanclture some use when refering to Montgomery County – we love our “acrynyms”
  • “Moco” is Maryland’s largest county and one of the nation’s most affluent…
  • It borders Washington, D.C. to the South and the Potomac River on the West.
  • The Southern area, probably 1/10th the size of the county, is often the “Greater Bethesda area”.
  • Houses the National Institutes of Health, the Federal Drug Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and a corridor “high tech” industries, the county is a large employer in its own right and attracts Washington workers
  • There is an abundance of recreational and cultural facilities and the county is known for its extremely well respected public school system.
  • The Metro subway system serves much of the county and there are areas, such as Bethesda that are known for their fine dining opportunities.

Montgomery County / Greater Bethesda Real Estate – The Nitty Gritty

Downtown Bethesda Townhome
The City Homes of Edgemoor, in The Heart of Downtown Bethesda fetch $1M+ because of proximity to Metro and the Downtown bethesda core.
  • The county affords every type of housing imaginable – from high rise condos to tree lined single family neighborhoods, to working farms. It’s all here!
  • The most expensive areas in the county lie closest to the city line…”the Greater Bethesda area”.
  • When many people are asked to define The Greater Bethesda area, most will include Bethesda’s adjacent towns, Potomac and Chevy Chase, Garrett Park, Kensington (don’t worry, we have guides on this site for all these areas!).

Greater Bethesda Home Prices = Location and DC Accessibility

There are nuances to all these areas the county but since the question referred specificaly to Bethesda, let’s talk Bethesda!

There are nuances to different neighborhoods which have direct correlations to home prices…the “Micro-Market”.  Proximity to metro, demand for property types in a certain neighborhoods, …will vary not just in these large towns, but the neighborhoods.

Interested in more information about Montgomery County and the Greater Bethesda area? We have both tools and some pretty decent agents 🙂 working behind the scenes more than happy to answer questions / help educate. Feel free to call or e-mail, leave a comment any time.  Great days to all…