New Bethesda Urban Safeway Will Strengthen a “Forest”

The Bethesda/Chevy Chase community is excited for the new Downtown Bethesda area Safeway and we should be!  For those outside the area, here’s the skinny…

The construction site (at the corner of Arlington Lane & Bradley Blvd) was the former home of an “old” Safeway.  Many residents often referred to it as “dated”, or “the last option” grocery store in the neighborhood. As a Chevy Chase resident I know Jason Koitz, Realtor Extraordinare,  can attest to having had some of these same feelings.

So when the store closed several months back with the promise of a new “lifestyle” upgraded store to take its place, many of us were pleased to think of the possibilities — especially in light of the transformation of the “Social Safeway” in Georgetown-which has brought a unique vibe to grocery shopping in the Georgetown area.

There has been some crticism of the new structure and questions of accessibility at a very difficult intersection. In my humble opinion, having an anchor for the Kenwood Forest area, easily trumps the location challenge and this exciting new store will be very welcome in Bethesda.

A Kenwood Forest Effect?

This new shopping option may also add value to a residential area that has garnered attention by both young families and single professionals over the last several years. Kenwood Forest, a “townhome style” condo development, is just steps away from the new site of the new Safeway, and is sure to benefit from its arrival.

Officially located in Chevy Chase, Kenwood Forest is already highly desirable neighborhood  offering the Bethesda/Chevy Chase area’s only “townhome” (officially “condo ownership”) option at a price tag around or under $600k. Residents enjoy all the amenities of Downtown Bethesda living — a short walk to the Bethesda Ave Shops, Metro, easy access to the Capital Crescent Trail, etc — while retaining a neighborhood feel and sense of community.  There’s an escape from the urban hustle and bustle.

So now with an upscale market and coffee shop just steps away, does Kenwood Forest become more desirable?

Thoughts? And Thanks as Always…