The Seductions That Turn Green Real Estate Upside Down

Is Green real estate the place to be in Bethesda?

Well, we all know Green is “in”…and it should be.  And not just because everyone in Hollywood drives a Prius either (although that’s part of the allure!). No…Green is cool because people dig the idea of avoiding “inconvenient realities” through relatively painless (?) lifestyle changes.

But what about building a Green home?  Could you do it?  And would you know how (I still don’t!)?

…And most importantly could you avoid the “allure of the opulent”? — the “seductress” who can take the the green out of many’s American dream?

It Started With Headline in The Washington Post for a Green Luxury Home in Bethesda?

As green increasingly carries into the home building and remodeling world, does it seem to you that the word is being thrown around pretty “liberally”?  And is that possibly because:

  • “Green” has more marketability?
  • Most people (yours included) really can’t define it?

Whatever the case, this recent open ad for a Bethesda luxury home induced some interesting commentary:

“Energy Saving Luxurious New ‘Green’ House.”  – Sounds good, right?  Gretchen Koitz writes a great little piece about why this “Green” Bethesda home isn’t really that “Green”.  The post certainly got me thinking — Are we really committed to “green” or are many of us seduced by indulgences shrouded in a couple solar panels?

I’ll follow up on this topic and I’m sure there’ll be much more to write about, especially when spec. homes start going up again…

But in the mean time, how would you define a Green home?