Understand Settlement Costs in Video?

The Real Estate Confusion?

The settlement process, from “who pays what”, to “why title insurance”, to “what documentation is needed where”, starts to become perplexing and profoundly unfamiliar.  Kind of like your first day in a Mandarin 101 class?  Well maybe not that tough but the settlement process has it’s own language. From HUD-1s, to “T & R”**, to Title Insurance, it takes some educating, especially for first time home buyers.

The Best Realtors Become The Source of Clarrity:

I’ve always admired Gretchen, (my Mother/Partner/DC Realtor extraordinaire), not just for her breadth of real estate knowledge, but in her seeming effortlessness in explaining most most complex and layered real estate “whys and hows.” It’s an ease and fluidity that would be impossible to teach and it’s undoubtedly one of the reasons for her professional success.

Videos New Role In Real Estate Education

However, Gretchen – may have a run for her money against the likes visual story telling companies.  “Say It Visually” — “the premier creator of explanatory visual stories” (so says their website) — tells a story quite well in my opinion.

I’ll let the video speak for itself, but seeing this technology applied outside the web 4.0 business world (aka, the “Twitters” of the world) makes you wonder where visual story telling goes next. (I’d still choose Gretchen though?).


**Actually most people say “Transfer and Recordation Tax” but I needed that sentence to keep a rhythm :- )