Atlanta + Austin + Miami – Bethesda = W Condo Residences

…By the Transitive Property I think…Bethesda is begging for a W Residence Hotel.  But since there isn’t one there yet, I wanted to give you a little peek at some of the cities where they have been built or are in pre-construction.  Take a look at this video of the Residences in Austin, Atlanta, and Miami in that order. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t want to render (sorry) but here’s a link to the official “W Residences” website.  Take a look around.  Great site…no Bethesda.  (updated, please see 

Some Tied True and Trusted Atlanta, Austin, and South Beach  W Residence Real estate Resources:

Some of the best resources for these three cities in particular…

  • Miami luxury condos guide – Kevin Tomlinson’s Miami Luxury Condo Gallery is reflective of his knowledge base…
  • Austin real estate news – find the latest updates on W sales and inventory on Eric Bramlett’s  real estate news network.  Or contact him directly…he’s a downtown authority.
  • Atlanta real estate guide – visit Ryan ward’s  Condos and Townhomes page to finest extraordinary Atlanta luxury condos

Don’t Give Up on a Bethesda W Condo / Hotel

That’s enough W Residence talk for today…but more resources soon and yes, I’ll keep pushing for the Bethesda Residence.